ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey
ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey

There are two types of condominiums, regular and small.  A small condominium is any condominium that contains four units or less.  The requirements for a small condominium plat are less stringent than the requirements for a regular condominium plat. 

Condominium plats can be of virtually any size from one unit on up and, unlike subdivision plats, do not always require a formal review. However, local governments are increasingly requiring that condominiums be reviewed. 

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Condominiums are generally divided into two basic areas, the units and the common elements. The units in a condominium can either be existing (duplexes, apartments, etc.) or proposed (new construction).  An unit is the area that is actually owned and fully controlled by the individual owner. The common elements are owned in common by all the owners within the condominium complex. A common element can either be for the use of all owners within the complex or it can be specified as a “limited common element” which is reserved for the exclusive use of the owner of usually just one unit even though all owners have a common ownership interest in it.



It has become increasingly popular to convert an existing duplex into a small, two unit, condominium. This way, each side of the duplex can be sold separately instead of selling the entire duplex.  It is often times preferable to do this instead of renting out each side.  This type of condominium is commonly referred to as a “Twindominium”  although it is actually a 2 unit condominium.